Code Snippets

These are snippets of code that might be of use to other programmers. Primarily they're in C++ but there will also be Delphi code available too - when time permits.

C++ code snippets

  1. CD drawer controller in C++ - this is rather useful if (as I have) you wish to produce a business card CD.

  2. Icon registration and auto-open - this is two rather useful chunks of code designed to asssociate your program with the icon and file extension of your choice. Here my own file extensions (swr and rus) are used.

  3. Executing html helpfiles - this code will allow you to call your html helpfiles from within your program. It opens a separate browser window, using whatever browser is present.

  4. Checking and disconnecting the modem - allows you to check whether an internet connection is running or not and allows you to disconnect the modem from the net.

  5. Click-Starting a file - this is how to run the program associated with a file and make the program load that file.

  6. Including Start Menu item - this is how to put your program into the start menu from within the program itself. Handy if your installer doesn't do it.

  7. Using the registry - We all do it. This is how to initialise, check for data and alter data in the registry.

Delphi code snippets

  1. Generation of virtual TShapes - The code behind this can be applied to generating arrays of virtually any T-Class component.

  2. Bizarrely-shaped windows - Windows don't always have to be rectangular. You can change their shapes!

  3. Viewing Windows Address Book - This code isn't perfect but it does read most of the entries in Windows Address Book reasonably well. Uses the registry to discover the location of the address book.

  4. IP-Stripper - This allows the user to drop an email header onto a TMemo. It then strips the I/P addresses out of it, discarding those lying within reserved ranges (ranges not used on the open internet) and replaces the text in the TMemo with I/P addresses that have a valid format. It also drops onto a second memo, the DWords for each I/P address.


How to make use of the CD auto-run facility.

Start notepad.

open=MyApp.exe   // the name of your exe
icon=MyIcon.ico // the name of the icon you wish to appear in Explorer

save as autorun.inf on your cd.