Program and .dll Downloads

The following programs are available as shareware. Most have a time limit of 5 days. This gives the user sufficient time to try the program before paying for the key that will allow further, unrestricted use of it. Telephone support is available as is email support, for a limited period only. Further details are given within the program helpfiles. Dlls are available for sale only and are provided with demonstration programs and the source code within the program.

Alarm Clock
This is an alarm clock program. It enables the user to set a time and a reminder message. At the appointed time, a message screen flashes up and an audible warning sounds (dependent upon correctly configured speakers). It lives in the toolbar and runs every time windows starts. The alarm can be set or viewed by clicking the toolbar icon with the left mouse button. Other options are available by clicking the icon using the right mouse button. Unsupported product.

The key for this is now free. It's either 110567 or 317109

Mega Clock
This is an advanced alarm clock. As per the previous clock, it will allow the user to set a time and a reminder message. The extra features are: 

  1. The alarm setting will be retained after power-off so reminders can be set weeks in advance. 

  2. The alarm will sound at a set date as well as at a set hour. 

  3. There is a choice of alarm type (beep, own tune and a user-supplied tune - WAV files only).

  4. It's possible to set the computer to switch off at a set time/date.Unsupported product.

The key for this is now free. It's either 110567 or 317109

Windows Address Book reader (plain version)
This is a plain address book reader, supplied as a .dll together with a demonstration program and demonstration code (in Delphi). It'll scan Windows Address Book (providing it's the latest - version 4) and will retrieve any and all email addresses. Such a .dll could be used to generate a whitelist for an anti-spam program. This dll saves stripped email addresses in a text file.
DLL Help file.

Windows Address Book reader (advanced version)
This is the advanced WAB reader. It is identical to the plain version but has the added benefit of TForm through which the program address book can be amended or updated. Again, its use could be for an anti-spam program whitelist or even for sending general newsletters to people in your WAB. DLL Help file.

This is an IP-Stripper, supplied as a .dll together with a demonstration program and demonstration code (in Delphi). Feed in an email header and it will strip out the IP addresses in the header. Not only that but it filters the IPs, automatically removing the reserved range IPs that spammers often include in headers to confuse people. This could be usefully employed as part of an anti-spam program, recording IP addresses from which identified spam has come while removing IP addresses from the list from which valid email has come. This dll saves IP addresses in a text file.
 DLL Help file.

Word Cleaner 
This DLL accepts each line of an email body (plain text only), breaks it down into single words and then checks each word against a list of "bad words". It can then return a percentage of bad words in the email body. The bad word list is quite brief. This is user generated. The user teaches the dll which emails are good and the words from that go into a good word list. The user teaches the dll which emails are bad and the bad words go into the bad word list. Then the user "verifies" the bad word list - the dll strips words in the bad word list out if they're in the good word list. Hence only bad words are held and the user is assured of accurate spam identification.
DLL Help file.

Subject Checker 
This DLL does exactly the same thing as the Word Cleaner but is designed especially for analysing subject lines. This also checks for unusual consonant and vowel clusters. There is an untested symbol cluster check included. It is envisaged that the user will be able to include this together with the other DLLs to provide a perfect anti-spam program. 
DLL Help file.

Server Control 
This DLL allows the program to make a list of the passwords and email addresses associated with each server. Multiple email addresses per account are possible. Includes a display that helps the user to configure their accounts easily. Again, part of the anti-spam SDK. The data is saved as a comma separated text file in the program path. 
DLL Help file.

Spam Header List Check.
This DLL will display spam header data - the TO address, the FROM address and the SUBJECT line. This can be used to help the user to identify spam manually in order to teach an anti-spam program the difference between spam and genuine emails.
DLL Help file.

Anti-Spam Software Development kit
This includes the above 7 DLLs all in one handy batch. All that's required to complete a world beating Anti-Spam program are a POP3 component and a little bit of simple programming. DLL Help file.