Security Websites

Website Description This site allows you to download a free firewall that will enhance your computer security. A program to read and analyse incoming port probes is available in the downloads section of this website. This site allows you to look up any IP numbers. If you have an email address composed of IP numbers rather than a name then this will identify the site. It's also used in conjunction with the Zone Alarm firewall and my firewall logfile analyser. This site allows you to find where a country code or area code within the country code refers to. Thus, it's possible to reverse-engineer 44 1792 xxxxxx into Britain, Swansea. This site allows you to find dialling codes for any country and any city in any country. This is particularly useful if you have a telephone number and as so often happens, the operator cannot locate the dialling code for you. This site is a health link. On this site you can find out what the doctor didn't tell you about your medicine and which medicine you should be taking. You can identify what's wrong without bothering the doctor too. 

This table contains links to anti-terrorist organisations and to shops supplying anti-terrorist equipment.