Here are some downloads. Some of these are library files and others are samples of library files in use. Wherever feasible, the library and a demonstration are both given. The demonstrations and libraries are downloaded as zip files. The full programs are installation files. Note: this is freeware and as such NO SUPPORT is available. Also NO GUARANTEES are applicable. Most of these are test spin-offs that are interesting or useful.

Email DLL. This DLL will work with any Borland product and probably with every Microsoft or other program compiler. It gives full email functionality to your software, using POP3 and SMTP protocols.


Mailbox Cleanser. Many ISPs offer accounts giving unlimited email addresses. These are susceptable to dictionary spam whereby the spammer sends emails to likely-sounding names. Of course, these all end up in your inbox - emails to webmaster, sysop etc - the list is endless. This program filters everything that comes into your email account before you download it from the server and rejects all but email addressed to your chosen email address. Be sure to spell your email address correctly. If required, the program will save incoming headers, incoming subject lines, incoming to-addresses and incoming from-addresses for analysis. After using this program, you can use Outlook Express to download your email - without downloading junk that's improperly addressed. I killed 1200 spams in 3 minutes with this program. Try it.

Mailbox Cleanser

I-P Stripper. This program allows you to load or paste email headers into it. At the click of a button all the data not liable to be a valid non-reserved IP address vanishes. Simulteneously, a list of DWords corresponding to the IP addresses appears. Both sets of results can be saved or copied.

IP Stripper

Email Header Viewer. How useful it would be to be able to see the headers for the emails on the server before downloading them, in order to tweak Outlook Expresses email settings. Well, with this free program, it's possible to do just that. Even better than that, because the emails aren't downloaded - just the headers are - the antivirus programs don't have to do any scanning. This program puts YOU in charge of YOUR mailbox and not the Spammer.

Email Header Viewer

Simple Mailing program. When one's on holiday, how useful it would be to be able to send emails home, attaching the digital photos one has taken while on holiday. With this program, it's possible.

Simple Mailing Program

Resizing library. This allows components to be resized when the window resizes. Each component is registered in its initial position. Its relative position and size is then maintained by calling the library from the on resize event.

Resizing library for Borland C++ Builder

The resizing library is demonstrated here.

Resizing Library Demo

MegaPixel calculator. This program calculates the image size produced by a digital camera in pixels, inches or centimeters. It also calculates the megapixels required to fit a specified area. Remember that images are 3:4 with most digital cameras, as here..


This is a demonstration of a transliteration library. Here, it's restricted to Russian. Other languages are available.

Russian Notepad

This program demonstrates a TStringGrid sort. Currently it sorts only on string values. The numeric sorting is handled by another library. It's also a very useful utility, designed to display, sort and filter the output from the Zone Alarm firewall.

SageWorld Anti-Hacker program

Encryption library: just a bit of fun, really. Don't use it for serious encryption.

Encryption Library for BCB C++

This is a demonstration of the Encryption library.

Encyryption program

The Email Munger will replace your partial or complete email addresses with "Munged" in emails destined to be sent as spam complaints. This way, if the spammer owns the server, he doesn't know who's received his spam. Remember to send complaints from a throwaway email account such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

Email Munger

This is a simple Mastermind game. Remember playing this in school, using a board and coloured pegs? This is actually an assignment question from a BSc in Engineering course in Swansea University! Students please note: the program was specified to be written in command line Pascal. This is written with VCL Delphi. Have fun anyway.