Software support:

The helpfile within the program purchased will provide a support email address and a support telephone number. Software provided as a free download is provided on an as-is basis and is not eligible for support. Most of the free software will work under Windows 95 and 98. Use under Windows 2000 and XP is untested. Due to variances within different installations of Windows, some software may perform differently under each installation. Generally, enabling Cyrillic (K018), enabling the Cyrillic keyboard option and enabling Cyrillic fonts will avoid problems if you wish to use my Cyrillic keyboard software.
Contact details are shown on the photography page.
General contact:
The telephone number +44 7939 317109 is no longer in use due to heavy phone spam from agencies.
Employment/Staffing/Recruitment Agencies:
No staff are currently required or requested. Should staff be required, they will be sought locally and not from an agency. If you must insist on spamming resumes then kindly address them to: abuse@, admin@, postmaster@, system@, sysop@ and operator@
If you are a recruiter looking for staff then please look elsewhere. I am not interested in having my resume/CV harvested and displayed to all and sundry. Should I require a different job then I will be the one applying and I will apply directly and not via some unknown 3rd party claiming to be working on my or an employer's behalf.