Women seeking Men -advert placed March 2005

Ludmila Kostrova, a Russian English lecturer formally lecturing in Moscow State University,  seeks a husband aged 56 - 60. She herself is a charming lady with a delightful lilt to her voice and is aged 56. She is well travelled, having lived in Britain as a resident and New Zealand as a temprorary resident. Her English is as good as that of most native speakers.

She would like to meet a man who is charming, witty, honest and emotionally stable. She does not care overly about how much money he has. She would be very happy if he had children already as she loves children very much.

She can be contacted by phone or by post. She does not have access to email nor does she have a computer. The best time for phoning is usually at the weekend or in the evenings. Bear in mind though that Russia is 3 hours ahead of GMT or BST. Thus, contact between 15:00 and 18:30 GMT/BST will be looked on with great favour. Phoning at other times will not endear the caller to her.

Ludmila's phone number is + 7 095 304 9019

Her address is:
Ludmila Kostrova,
111401 Moscow,
2aja Vladimirskaja ul 21/9 - 55

Please note: Ludmila is interested only in single men, not married men who're enacting some purile fantasy. She is not interested in younger men out for a cheap thrill nor is she interested in being used as a bedroom toy. She has had quite enough of that kind of respondent and reports such advances to the wives/parents of  such men.