This website is no longer supported or updated hence most of the software available is now free. Please note that most of the software was written under Windows 98 for Windows 95/98/NT and the performance of the software under XT and Vista is unknown.

Originally this site was a shopwindow and a help/information site aimed at helping people to stay safe online and offline. There was a lot more software on sale but piracy and hackers drove a lot of it off the market. Imagine spending months writing software and then finding a week after it was released that some criminal had cracked the activation code rendering it unsalable as everybody was now just downloading the crack or a cracked copy instead of buying a legitimate version. This was what happened and why writing software for a living became unviable. Microsoft suffers piracy with criminals cracking their activation codes. This is largely why they persuaded computer manufacturers to supply Windows with their computers with the thought that if it was bought pre-loaded then they had no problem with people installing cracked version. It has largely worked. The activation codes have also helped while unfortunately hindering the public.

The fact that Windows software can be cracked and obtained without cost to the criminal obtaining it does not in any way justify the theft of the software. It took bread out of the mouth of the author on this site. It takes money away from Microsoft. Theft is theft, plain and simple.